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New Birth Builders Testimonials

I been thinking about getting new windows for years so I called Michael Joseph after hearing him on KJIH ,when he came out to my house he was very informative, he explained everything about the windows and the process of installing them ,he was very patent with me asking a lot of questions,and everything went just like he said it would ,I got my new windows and I'm so happy.

Betty Compton

I been listen Dominique talk about Michael Joseph services for a while on front page ,I called him to come out to my house because my stucco and wood trim was in bad shape it's been over 20 years since I last painted ,he fixed my whole house up and put on that exterior coating and made it look brand new and the guys that worked on my house was very professional and they cleaned up after them self ,I never have to paint again they gave me a lifetime warranty.

Cynthia Los Angeles

I heard about Michael Joseph services through a co worker , He explained to me not all windows are as energy efficient as others ,stuff I never heard about windows before ,and the the central heating & air conditioning system they installed is the best one I ever seen it is so quiet ,he also explained to me that old wall heater of mine was blowing out dry heat and may have been the couse of my sore throat I think he was right because I have not been having them any more and also he gave me a realy good deal if I help him get the good word out about his business.

Marcia Fontana

I called Michael Joseph company to come out to see what they can do about my roof it was leaking more and more I had to do something,michael was very knowledgeable about the process of putting a new roof on my house and the material he used is good quality , a matter of fact I have the best roof on my block ,thank you michael.

William Los Angeles