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How does the Stretch-Guard Elastomerlc coating differ from paint?

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This HI-Build Elastomerlc Coating System Is a carefully constructed protective coating built around a 100% acrylic resin. It will provide up to 400% elongation and flexes with change in temperature. Its HI•Bulld finish is watertight. Yet it’s unique makeup allows it to breathe. Unlike paint, Stretch-Guard Elastomeric wall coating applied to the exterior of a building provides a thick, waterproof laver that will expand and contract with building movement providing maximum protection against cracking and water damage.

The Problem

The most serious problems with stucco, masonry and concrete structures are cracks and water damage. These building materials are very hard. However, when a building settles or Is subject to any vibration thermal explanation, cracking will definitely occur. Because these materials are porous, water can penetrate causing serious structural damage and deterioration.

The Solution

Ordinary house paints are not intended to waterproof or fill cracks , A Hi-Build Elastomerlc Coating System produces a flexible layer that Seals and covers hairline cracks water-proofing these porous surfaces with a coating, many times thicker than paint. It’s superior elasticity provides excellent long term protection against future cracking.

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We repair all stucco and wood trim and siding prior to applying the exterior coating that comes with a lifetime transferable warranty against chipping, flaking, cracking and pealing .

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  • Heat Reflective
  • UV Resistant
  • Weather Proofs
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Alkali and Moisture Resistant
  • Excellent Hide and Color Retention
  • Can Save on Year Round Energy Bills
  • Water Base Clean-Up

Infra-red rays from the sun bring warmth and heat to the Earth. In most cases, objects on the Earth absorb this heat, store and then release It. Concrete Is a good example of storing and releasing this heat. Grass is a good example of storing heat and "reflecting" it. Cool Life can keep a surface cooler by reflecting the sun's rays. This patented technology contains natural substances that will not contract heat.

The temperature of a substrate rises above the temperature of the surrounding air due to the substrates tendency to hold on to heat and release It very slowly. The heat held by the substrate is compounded by the surrounding air temperature. Life Paint Company has developed coatings that will reflect heat. When these coatings are applied to substrates which formerly absorbed and held heat the substrate temperatures are dramatically reduced compared to the same substrates protected with ordinary coatings. Elevated air temperatures enhance the, "Cool Life" benefits and “Cool Life's” cooling effects are even more apparent when darker colors are used.

Infrared Heat Reflective Technology

Tests were done with side by side comparisons of the products and like colors; one product with the reflective material and one with out. All tests were done on like substrates either in an outside, uncontrolled environment or in a controlled atmosphere with projecting, 250 watt light bulbs.

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